Practice Update

Hi everyone. The weather gods don't seem to realize that it is no longer winter. While there was some debate, the coaches ultimately decided that it is too cold today to swim. Here's an update on practice for the rest of this week.

  • Practice today is cancelled.
  • We will see what tomorrow looks like, although it's looking sketchy. We will make a decision tomorrow afternoon.
  • There is no practice Friday since the pool opens 
  • To try to make up for missed practices, there will be an additional optional practice on Saturday. 11&up will practice from 8:45-9:30, 9-10 will practice from 9:30-10:15, and 8&under will practice from 9:45-10:15

We will still be having a stroke clinic on Sunday (9:30-10:45 - $10/swimmer) for some fine tuning with the coaches. This is a great opportunity for kids to work with coaches in a much smaller environment. There's no need to sign up in advance, and the focus is on technique. Penny Dwyer (treasurer) will be there as well, so you can also buy caps and pay any unpaid balance at that point if you'd like.

Alison and Jill

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