Pep Rally and Prelims Info

Hi everyone and happy 4th of July. We are heading into a super busy time of the year, so we apologize in advance for all of the e-mails. If you are receiving this e-mail, you have a swimmer signed up to swim at prelims. Here is all of the information you need for prelims.

  • If you haven't already or if you are able to sign up for more shifts, please do. We are still in need of filling over 40 shifts for 8&under prelims at CCV pool, and another 4-10 shifts each at the other days of prelims. Frankly, it's a bit sad for such a big and proud team. We're happy to have teenagers and other family members as well, and can sign off on volunteer hours.
  • Pep Rally after each practice tomorrow. We'll have snacks and crafts for the kids to get everyone excited for prelims.
  • Check the practice page for updated practice times next week. There are definitely some changes. After prelims for a particular age, it's typically only the kids that have qualified or are alternates that continue to practice.
  • We have attached meet info from the different prelims hosts. Be sure to read through them for whichever prelims your kid(s) are swimming in. You can also find more information at the RMSL website
  • Here are the pool addresses and warmup times:

Monday, July 8 - 13-18 - Ben Franklin - 1600 E Panama Dr, Centennial, CO 80121 - Warmup: 7:30

Tuesday, July 9 - 8&under - CCV (you should know where it is :)) - Warmup: 6:30

Wednesday, July 10 - 9-10 - Homestead - 6767 E Easter Ave, Centennial, CO 80112 - Warmup: 6:25

Thursday, July 11 - 11-12 - Heritage Greens - 4814 E Links Cir, Centennial, CO 80122 - Warmup: 7:25

Saturday, July 13 - Finals - Stonegate - 10326 Stonegate Pkwy, Parker, CO 80134 - Meet logistics to come later.

Go Vikings!!!

Alison and Jill

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