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Here are a few helpful reminders for you and your Splasher:

1. Program Overview: The Splasher program is specifically created for young swimmers who intend to and hope to be members of the CCV Vikings swim team--either before the end of the participatory RSML season or the subsequent swim season. The creation of this program is meant to serve as a feeder program with the intention of developing, coaching, and training FUTURE CCV Viking swim team members.The Splasher program is targeted towards our younger swimmers who aren’t quite ready for the physical requirements of swim team, but who still want to participate in CCV-team” atmosphere. It is designed to efficiently secure fundamental swimmer safety skills while simultaneously teaching and exposing young swimmers to the basics of the “swim team” experience. This includes improving the skills of both backstroke and freestyle while also learning and experiencing “race-like” skills. We expect participation in daily practice, racing in designated Splasher meets and attending specific social events.

Please Note:Splashers is NOT meant to take the place of swim lessons. We expect all potential Splashers swimmers to come in with previous experience. We conduct Splashers as the next step in swimmer development with the goal of becoming completely independent swim-team members by the following season. If your splasher is asked to move up to the 6&under group before the end of the season we expect that participation will become a priority. If you as a parent cannot commit this to the potential upgraded expectation for participation, we kindly ask that you not sign your swimmer up for this program. Swim lessons are run through MPM recreation. You can sign up for swim lessons through

2. Required Evaluations: In order to participate in the Splasher program, all potential Splashers (returning and new,) must participate in Splasher evaluations. We strongly encourage all Splashers to attend this evaluation date but if you are absolutely unable to participate on the specified date, contact coach Kim to schedule an alternate date.

3. Pre-requisite skills necessary to participate in Splasher program: As should-be expected, our number one priority in Splashers is to maintain a safe, organized, and controlled environment for all swimmers at all times. Because we have many little ones in the water at once, we have to instill a very high standard of expectation and ability from the get-go in order to ensure the necessary safety. We are limited on the help coaches and CIT’s staff we can provide each day and must ultimately ensure that the swimmer-to-coach ratio is securely managed at all times. Given this level of scrutiny we must adhere to, we have a set of skills that a potential Splasher must already maintain and demonstrate as a pre-requisite to Splasher participation.

  • Must have previous experience/participation in swim lessons
  • Must maintain a comfort level in the water wherein swimmer can easily and without assistance stand in water and move to and from walls (without parent, coach, flotation device)
  • Must be comfortable jumping in water unassisted wherein head is fully submerged
  • Must be able to stand in water and move to and from walls (without parent, coach, flotation device)
  • Must be able to swim across the width of the ccv beach area unassisted, (i.e., Without an adult assistance, flotation-device assistance, standing and/or pushing off the bottom of the pool.)
  • Must be able to blow bubbles under water, (both mouth and nose submerged in water for more than 3 seconds
  • Must be able to hold back float or front float unassisted for at least 3 seconds
  • Must be comfortable using flotation device, (i.e., Kick board, noodle) assistance to get across width of ccv “beach” area without adult assistance

4. What to Bring: Goggles, sunscreen, water, cap (optional)—Make sure to come prepared everyday

5. Practice Times: Once morning practices start, you will see we have added an extra 15 minutes of Splasher practice time this year so we as coaches can get everyone organized and ready to swim for the full 30 minutes. This also offers us a time to review stroke technique, goals, and weekly reminders with the kids. Please make sure you are ON TIME every day to help us optimize pool time.

6. During Practice: Please refrain from standing on the bulkhead, continually talking to your Splasher during practice. As coaches our main concern is for the safety of the many little ones, (who are all in the water at once,) and maintaining a controlled organization of the group as a whole. We need to ensure there are no distractions or obstructions of any kind during practice time. Additionally, we ask that you please hold off on any questions/concerns for coaches until after practice is over. (Email is always option as well) We are more than happy to talk with you, just not at the expense of practice time and swimmer safety.

7. Meets: We will hold 2 meets this summer designated especially and solely for Splashers. These meets are the time for your Splasher to shine. It’s what they work towards all season and the best way to show-off improvement. As such, we expect swimmer participation in both meets.

8. Social Events: As honorary members of the team, we encourage Splashers to participate in some of the social events planned for the team this season. These events are why kids really love swim team and we want the whole team included in the fun! Dates for these events can be found on the “Events Calendar” tab on the website.

9. Have Fun: The overall goal of the Splasher Program is provide a fun atmosphere while young swimmers continue to develop proper swimming skills. We ask that you will help us promote the positive, encouraging, and exciting atmosphere that this program is all about.

10. Opportunity to advance to 6&under group: If your Splasher becomes fully efficient in the basic skills of freestyle or backstroke and becomes comfortable enough with the standard of “6&under” racing skills before the end of the Splasher season, your swimmer could be asked if he/she would like to move up to the 6&under group and/or participate in an actual CCV dual meet. The standard of “moving up” is at the coach(es) discretion but the choice/decision to move up would be completely up to you and your Splasher if the opportunity arises. A swimmer must be 5 years old as of June 1 in order to be eligible to participate the 6&under group. For any swimmer that moves up, he/she would need to participate in at least 2 regular meets if he/she would like to swim in prelims. The final 3 regular season meets are 6/15, 6/22, and 6/29.

11. Volunteer Requirements: As the swim team is completely volunteer run, every family is responsible to meet certain volunteer requirements. For a family with only a Splashers swimmer, the volunteer requirement is one shift. For families with age group swimmers in addition to a Splashers swimmer, they will need to meet the volunteer requirements for age group swimmers instead.

We are so excited for this season and thrilled to have your Splasher as member of the CCV Swim-Team tradition!! Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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