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    We Need Your Help!

    Apart from coaches, this team is completely volunteer run, and we can’t do it without you.

    All parents are required to sign up for at least 5 volunteer shifts. If we run short on volunteers, we might ask for a few more volunteers here and there.

    Registering for volunteer duties can be overwhelming, so we've prepared volunteer descriptions to help you understand exactly what each job entails.

    The following is a brief explanation of each job, as well as, what each committee does so you can easily choose the jobs that best suits you.

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    Volunteer Opportunities


    • Calls swimmers to the heating area 3 events ahead, giving 1st, 2nd, and final calls
    • Announces cumulative team scores as provided by the meet manager
    • Provides announcements to assist in meet operations, such as announcing volunteer shift changes, calling for missing volunteers, and promoting snack bar sales

    Backup Timer

    • Start stopwatches at the beginning of each heat, and step in to time a particular lane in the event of a timing malfunction in that lane

    Concessions (Home meets only)

    • Work at concessions stand selling to swimmers and spectators
    • Restock food and drinks as needed
    • Provide water to on-deck volunteers
    • Concessions griller is an additional volunteer shift to grill burgers and hot dogs to sell at concessions

    Event Flipper

    • Coordinate with heating and starter to display the current event number and the event that we're heating from


    • This person does whatever is needed at the meets, as identified by the volunteer coordinator or Parent Reps


    • Responsible for ensuring that swimmers are placed in the correct event and heat and are situated in their correct spot in the heating area
    • For all races, including relays of age groups 6 & under, one person from heating must escort the kids to their correct place behind the blocks.

    Heating Check-In

    • Make sure swimmers know their heat and event when they enter the heating area
    • Keep spectators and unnecessary swimmers out of the heating area

    Heat Winner

    • Hand out candy to the winner of each individual event


    • Serve water and snacks to coaches and volunteers


    • Bring timing sheets between timers and scoring team
    • Post updated scores in designated spot


    • Meet set-up involves setting up equipment and furniture for meet
    • Concessions setup involves unloading supplies and bringing them to concessions, and getting concessions ready to sell
    • There are Friday night and Saturday morning set-up shifts
    • Meet Takedown involves putting away all equipment and getting the pool back to its pre-meet setup (this includes the snack bar, deck area, tent takedown and clean up of the greenbelt area)
    • For away meets, we need someone with a large vehicle to transport the tents and tarps from the meet back to the clubhouse, as well as, clean up the tent area where CCV swimmers were camped out during the meet.


    • Work with scoring coordinator to enter, check, and validate results

    Scribe/Referee Assistant

    • Listen to calls from stroke judges and coordinate with the referee to record all DQs
    • Must have some swim meet experience, ideally with stroke judging
    • Must be detail-oriented, able to track multiple items, and have legible writing

    Stroke Judge

    • Look for stroke infractions by the swimmers and call them into the referee as described by the RMSL and USS rulebook.
    • This position requires annual certification through the league or USA Swimming; training is provided by RMSL


    • Time swimmers in an assigned lane in each heat/event and record the time
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    Coordinator Roles

    Big Fish/Little Fish Coordinators (Non-meet and meet days):

    • Coordinate partners between younger and older swimmers
    • Coordinate supplies for weekly “project” at each meet
    • Help swimmers during the meet to make their “project” and see that each swimmer receives a present

    Concessions Coordinators* (we have concessions at home meets only) (Meet and non-meet days):

    • Plan, shop for, and organize food served during our home swim meets
    • Direct Friday night and Saturday morning setup for concessions
    • Manage concession sales at the home meets
    • Set prices for concession items and adjust as necessary
    • Work closely with the vendor coordinator to discuss orders (number of burritos, Chick-Fil-A, pizza, bagels, etc.)
    • Keep notes of inventory for future reference
    • Communicate with Treasurer about needs for change and what current payment options are: cash, venmo, etc.

    Heating Coordinators* (home meets only) (Meet days):

    • Make sure that all heating volunteers know what they are doing and are keeping up
    • Train people that are new to heating
    • Keep heating running smoothly
    • Verify that event flippers are keeping up with the events
    • Coordinate with announcer to let swimmers know what events are heating

    Hospitality Coordinators (Non-meet and meet days):

    • Coordinate coach appreciation week
    • Coordinate lunches during prelims and finals
    • Coordinate food for picture day
    • Help with awards for the swimmers, gifts for coaches at the banquet

    Meet Managers* (Non-meet and meet days):

    • Create program for home meets, by confirming times from swimmer’s events in the computer and the visiting team manager confirms after input and performs data quality check for times and swimmers entered
    • Coordinate the printing of programs for coaches, heating, and officials
    • Run scratch meeting

    National Anthem (Non-meet and meet days):

    • Coordinate singers for each home meet
    • Coordinate flag display
    • Make sure music is set

    Parent Reps* (Non-meet and meet days):

    • Represent CCV on RMSL league and attend RMSL monthly meetings
    • Attend Arapahoe Parks and Rec meetings, as needed
    • Preseason planning and arrangements
    • Dual Meet planning and organizing
    • Championship preparation
    • Oversee committee heads
    • Hire and oversea coaches
    • Maintain communication with team
    • Oversee Registration process
    • Coordinate volunteers
    • Coordinate all merchandise design and sales
    • Coordinate sponsors for the season
    • Set up 2-3 restaurant nights
    • Update Facebook page

    Photographer (Non-meet and meet days):

    • Take photos weekly
    • Create end of the season slideshow and make sure slideshow is set up for the banquet

    Scoring Coordinators* (Non-meet and meet days):

    • Scoring at home meets
    • Coordinate scoring volunteers at the meet and get times, DQs added into meet manager
    • Create post-meet labels and reports
    • Weekly ribbons
    • Awards for end of the season (with Hospitality Coordinators)

    Set Up and Clean Up Coordinators (Non-meet and meet days):

    • In charge of volunteers who have signed up to help with set up and clean up
    • Ensure that the meet is ready to go (includes Friday evenings and early Saturday morning)
    • Ensure that clean up volunteers complete the work and everything is put neatly back in the storage room.
    • Away Meets: Two tents and tarps must be picked up from the pool the night before the meet, prior to the pool closing. Two large vehicles will be needed to transport the tents to away meets. Tents must be set up and tarps spread on the ground beneath them NO LATER THAN 6:45 am.
    • Home Meets: We warm up first during home meets, so the tents and tarps must be set up NO LATER THAN 6:00 am. Once the tents and tarps are up, proceed to the snack bar for set-up. The snack bar coordinator will provide direction as to the specifics of the set up. The snack bar must be set up and ready to sell items NO LATER THAN 7:00 am. Once the snack bar is set up, you must stay for staff and sell at the snack bar until the first shift arrives to relieve you at 7:45 am.

    Social Coordinators (Non-meet days)

    • Coordinate at least one teen and one younger kid activity with coaches
      • Past events have been laser tag (older kids), game night at the pool (break out by ages), t-shirt tie dying, movies (younger kids)
      • Coordinate with coaches
    • Coordinate end of season party/banquet
      • Purchase decorations and plan team gifts for the year, create cards for coaches and thank-yous for committee heads
      • Pick up trophies the day of the banquet and set up at the venue
    • Coordinate pre-prelims pep rally (maybe age group dinners?)
    • Coordinate a beginning of the season party (maybe a grill night at the “new” pool?)

    Splashers Coordinators (Non-meet days):

    • Be available to help coaches during Splasher tryouts
    • Coordinate meets
      • Scheduling and running (includes sound system)
      • Treats
      • Ensure that swimmers get the team gift
      • Work with Big Fish/Little Fish to make sure Splashers are included

    Starters and Deck Referees* (Meet days with some non-meet day requirements):

    • Run meet, start each heat
    • Requires additional certification from the league, and at least one year as a stroke judge prior

    Treasurer (Non-meet days):

    • Collect registration fees
    • Prepare the CCVSL’s budget, present it to the parent reps for approval and ensure that team activities adhere to the budget
    • Maintain accurate financial records throughout the year to be reviewed at any time by members or parent reps
    • Transact business through a local bank account
    • File appropriate forms with the Internal Revenue Service by February 15
    • Disburse funds and pay bills promptly as approved by the parent reps
    • Reconcile bank statements
    • Bill members for unpaid fees
    • Deposit swim team funds

    Vendor Coordinators (Non-meet days with a little work on meet days):

    • Coordinate vendors for home meets - chicken sandwich, pizza, breakfast burritos, shave ice
    • Coordinate with concessions coordinator, and work with parent reps to see how many swimmers
    • Ensure that volunteers pick up/deliver items to the meets

    Volunteer Coordinators* (Non-meet and meet days):

    • Make sure that all volunteer slots are filled prior to the meet
    • E-mail all volunteers prior to that week’s meet
    • Print name tags to post on the bulletin board prior to each meet
    • At meet, make sure that all volunteers have checked in, and that at each shift change, everyone is where they need to be and knows what to do
    • Can be split as one person pre-meet and two during the meet

    Website Coordinator (Non-meet days):

    • The Rocky Mountain Swim League has a website ( that hosts websites for all teams. The CCV Swim Team has its own website. We need a creative/technical expert who can update this site as needed.

    *If you assume this position, you will not be responsible for fulfilling any additional shifts required by the board.

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