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Volunteer Jobs


  • Keep swimmers and spectators updated on where we are in the meet, missing swimmers, and any other meet updates
  • This needs prior approval from parent rep

Backup Timer

  • Start stopwatches at the beginning of each heat, and step in to time a particular lane in the event of a timing malfunction in that lane


  • Work at concessions stand selling to swimmers and spectators
  • Restock food and drinks as needed
  • Concessions griller is an additional volunteer shift to grill burgers and hot dogs to sell at conessions

Event Flipper

  • Coordinate with heating and starter to display the current event number and the event that we're heating from
  • You must be fairly tall to do this role as the pole is tall for visibility purposes


  • Help get swimmers into the right order and lanes so that they are ready for to swim in their heats.

Heat Winner

  • Hand out candy to the winner of each individual event

Heating Check-In Coordinator

  • Make sure that swimmers know their heat and event when they are entering the heating area
  • Keep spectators and unnecessary swimmers (swimming in later events) out of the heating area
  • Update the 'heating through' event number outside the gate


  • Serve water and snacks to coaches and volunteers


  • Bring timing sheets between timers and scoring team
  • Post updated scores in designated spot


  • Meet setup involves setting up equipment and furniture for meet
  • Concessions setup involves unloading supplies and bringing them to concessions, and getting concessions ready to sell
  • There are Friday night and Saturday morning setup shifts
  • Meet Takedown involves putting away all equipment and getting the pool back to its pre-meet setup.


  • Work with scoring coordinator to enter and check and validate results

Scribe/Referee Assistant

  • Listen to calls from stroke judges and coordinate with the referee to record all DQs
  • Must have some experience around swim meets, ideally with stroke judging experience
  • Must be detail-oriented, able to track multiple conversations, and have legible writing

Stroke Judge

  • Look for stroke infractions by the swimmers, and call them into referee
  • This position needs additional certification through the league or USA Swimming


  • Time swimmer in a given lane in each heat
  • Record times

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Coordinator Jobs


  • Run meet, start each heat
  • Requires additional certification from the league, and at least one year as a stroke judge prior


  • Work with starter
  • Run stroke judge meeting
  • Coordinate with stroke judges and scribe for DQs
  • Requires additional certification from the league, and at least one year as a stroke judge prior

Concessions Coordinator (we have concessions home meets only)

  • Coordinate purchases from Sam’s Club and external vendors (can distribute these responsibilities)
  • Direct Friday night and Saturday morning setup for concessions
  • Manage concession sales at the home meets
  • Manage hospitality snacks and volunteers
  • Make sure that all supplies are where they need to be (can have a runner for things like ice)

Vendor Coordinator

  • Coordinate vendors for home meets - chicken sandwich, pizza, breakfast burritos, shave ice
  • Coordinate with concessions coordinator, and work with parent reps to see how many swimmers

Fundraising Coordinator

  • Send out requests for water, Gatorade, and soda donations from parents
  • Reach out to local grocery stores for donations (either food/drink or gift cards)
  • Set up 2-3 restaurant nights
  • Coordinate bagel pick up (although this may be the concessions purchasing coordinator)
  • Look for sponsorships for the team

Heating Coordinator (home meets only)

  • Make sure that all heating volunteers know what they are doing and are keeping up
  • Train people that are new to heating
  • Keep heating running smoothly
  • Verify that event flippers are keeping up with the events
  • Coordinate with announcer to let swimmers know what events are heating

Meet Manager (this can be done by one person or can be divided between two people, for example, meet manager and scoring coordinator)

  • Create program for home meets
  • Coordinate the printing of programs for coaches, heating, and officials 
  • Run scratch meeting and scoring  at home meets
  • Coordinate scoring volunteers at the meet and get times, DQs added into meet manager
  • Create post-meet labels and reports

Social Coordinator

  • Coordinate at least one teen and one younger kid activity with coaches
    • Past events have been laser tag (older kids), game night at the pool (break out by ages), t-shirt tie dying, movies (younger kids)
    • Coordinate with coaches
  • Coordinate end of season party
  • Coordinate pre-prelims pep rally

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Make sure that all volunteer slots are filled prior to the meet
  • E-mail all volunteers prior to that week’s meet
  • Print nametags to post on the bulletin board prior to each meet
  • At meet, make sure that all volunteers have checked in, and that at each shift change, everyone is where they need to be and knows what to do
  • This can be split across 2 people (either alternating weeks or splitting the tasks such as pre-meet and during meet) 
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